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At Rheumatology Care Center, our goal is to provide state of the art medical care to all of our patients with rheumatologic conditions.  We believe that the best rheumatologic care begins with the dedication and compassion of our friendly, thoughtful medical team.  We are passionate about rheumatology and enjoy improving our patients’ quality of life.  Using forefront healthcare standards and clinical practice, we assure each patient the highest quality evaluation and treatment of their musculoskeletal condition.  Autoimmune conditions are chronic illnesses and the lifelong relationships we develop are cherished opportunities to Putting Arthritis in the Rearview Mirror together.


The Rheumatologist


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Dr. Elizabeth Perkins is a native of Texas, where she completed her Bachelor’s of Science in chemistry at St. Mary’s University. Staying in her hometown, Dr. Perkins began her medical schooling at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA). Her experiences in San Antonio and her rotation in the Mexican/American border town of McAllen honed Dr. Perkins’s medical diversity and fed her interests in cultural diversity and rural healthcare.

After finishing her medical degree at UTHSCSA, Dr. Perkins was accepted to the Medical College of Virginia at the Virginian Commonwealth University in Richmond to complete her residency in Internal Medicine. She specifically chose this residency program to complete a women’s health track as part of her training. Ultimately, it was her experiences with tough autoimmune diseases that influenced her decision to subspecialize in rheumatology. As a natural problem solver, Dr. Perkins quickly gravitated to the complex diseases that her field presents.

In order to fulfill her dream of becoming a rheumatologist, Dr. Perkins trained in a top ranked fellowship program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. A Southern girl at heart, Dr. Perkins fell in love with Birmingham and the warm comfort of Alabama as a home. Thereby, after completing her fellowship, she realized her dream by opening her own practice, Rheumatology Care Center (RCC).

Rheumatology Care Center is at the center of Dr. Perkins’s sustained vision to provide the best health care possible. Her practice continues to grow rapidly with the support of wonderful staff and medical community. Her leadership and advocacy spirit fuel her efforts in the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), Alabama Society of Rheumatic Diseases (ASRD), and Arthritis Foundation. In addition to her satisfying professional life, Dr. Perkins enjoys spending time with her two sons. Each morning, she rises early to exercise or run with friends. She is fond of life outdoors and loves the chance for a movie, concert, or road trip. Nothing is closer to her heart than family, time with cherished friends, and a good ole Southern iced tea.